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Spokane Voice is a cut above, here’s why:
  • Spokane Voice utilizes professional announcers, actors and musicians generating originality and supporting artists.

  • Spokane Voice studio is small, cutting overhead costs for us all, while concentrating on N.W. talent of national quality

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  • With seasoned professionals, we are the refreshing “new kids on the block,” which means very competitive pricing!

  • Our mission is to treat your message as an art, to stand out, to be creative, innovative and thus paid attention to!

We love to “DANCE”! Thank you for such consideration in the dancing styles.

Young and old, traditional to the wild ”Ice Dancing”, it was all fabulously FUN. Perfection for everyone!

​Thank you, Thank you for giving MUSIC to my dream. It would not have been the same without your knowledgeable, talented input. Thank you for seeing the vision and making it possible to keep people smiling and laughing and hugging for 6 full hours in the cold sparkly snow. MUSIC IS REALLY EVERYTHING! It brings life to a setting, brings you up or down, slows and ponders or wildly silly. Your musical talent, made a snowy night come alive with LOVE for EVERYONE!


—  Trish & Steve Richard

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